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Boundary, Easement & Title Disputes

Boundary, easement and title disputes are generally unpleasant and can turn neighbors into combatants. Title to property and the actual property lines can become blurred by incorrect or poorly worded deeds, unmarked property lines, old fences, misunderstood handshake agreements or a property transfer that was not written at all. Other times, that two-rut road or driveway is not a documented easement granting legal access to an owner’s property. The Prevatt Law Firm understands the value and the importance of protecting your property in these and other scenarios, when a neighbor is difficult to deal with, and life in and around your home or business becomes unnecessarily complicated or burdensome. We are here for you.

Agricultural Product Liability

Today’s farmers, livestock owners and dairymen are businessmen who often face complex legal issues impacting their operations. Farmers can’t afford to suffer significant economic losses when:

  • seeds or seedlings fail to meet hybridization or disease resistance claims;
  • a defective farm chemical or misformulated fertilizer causes serious crop damage;
  • an expensive piece of farm equipment fails to work as promised; or
  • a defective feed injures livestock or causes production losses.

If you have suffered economic losses due to a defective agricultural product, you may be entitled to monetary damages from the company that sold you the product through a breach of contract or warranty claim. Prevatt Law, P.L., has the experience and resources to handle agricultural product defect cases that require extensive investigation, expert witnesses and knowledge of the agricultural industry.

Construction Law

There will always be construction disputes. The Prevatt Law firm advises, represents and defends owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers in construction-related matters and disputes involving:

  • Construction Contracts. Review, drafting, and negotiating a variety of contracts involved in the construction industry, including prime contracts, subcontracts, purchase orders, master agreements, design services agreements, consultant agreements, joint venture agreements, and partnership agreements.
  • Mechanic’s Lien, Bond and Payment Claims. Mechanic’s liens can be complex. Let us simplify it for you by making sure your notices and liens are filed, effective and collectible. Liens can expire before they are collected. Our office is experienced in enforcing or removing mechanic’s lien claims. We are also experienced in bond claims and claims for payment.
  • Construction Defect and Warranty Claims. Our work also involves defending and prosecuting defect and warranty claims on behalf of our owner and industry clients, including communicating with insurance companies and pursuing claims for insurance coverage.

Insurance Disputes

When you or your business buys an auto, commercial property, or homeowners’ insurance policy, you expect the insurance company to stand behind you when disaster strikes. Regrettably, all too often that is not the case. Over the years we’ve observed how far insurance providers will go to avoid paying legitimate claims – denying coverage for a claim, delaying investigation or payment, or only paying partial benefits for a claim.

If you find yourself in a dispute with an insurance company, you need a knowledgeable attorney that is skilled at negotiating with insurance companies to resolve insurance disputes without going to court, but are experienced and prepared to go to court if necessary. If you have to file an insurance claim for any reason, chances are you already have suffered enough. The firm can help you or your business make sure you don’t suffer again at the hands of your insurance company.

Business Disputes and Litigation

Disagreements about contracts, real property sale or lease agreements, the sale of goods and services, shareholder and partnership disputes or issues with a commercial lender, all can affect a business’s most prized asset – its good name and reputation. The Prevatt Law Firm has successfully handled many business disputes and litigation for businesses of all sizes in North Florida. We understand that running a successful business means keeping an eye on the bottom line and controlling expenses. Simple review of an agreement before execution may be the most important step to prevent later misunderstandings or disagreements. Whatever size business you operate, you need the guidance of an experienced business litigation attorney to protect your interests.

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